Setting up Littlewood


Little Wood  is a 2 acre disused pheasant pen, with a woodland of sycamore, oak, pine, thorn, elder and rough grass. 

It's now mid February and I have sited two of my pop up hides number one on the edge of the wood looking over the rough grass and number 2 on the southern boundary of the grass area looking north.  The hide at the edge of the wood is going to be my main hide and gives me a view over the rough grass area and the woodland.  Hide two I have positioned so that the wildlife in and around the area gets used to the changes and hides being there.

Outside hide one I have some mixed grain and peanut feeders, which immediately attract Blue, Great ,and Coal Tits, wanting to get some more natural shots I drilled holes in a couple of fallen branches and then filled them with peanuts. Both the male and female Great Spotted Woodpeckers are now regular visitors to these, along with a rather greedy Jay that takes 3 or 4 peanuts away each visit.

All of my visits to the hide up until now have been early mornings arriving on site before first light. Today I arrived at 11am and shortly after getting settled a brown hare makes it's way across the rough grass and sits just in front of the hide, it's nose and ears are twitching and I am sure it senses something but it stays long enough for me to get a decent shots.  Although the area is home to a very large rabbit warren this is the first hare I have actually seen in Little Wood. Arriving later  in the day makes no difference to the numbers of usual visitors to the feeders.

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